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MLS Research Center, LLC is a dedicated clinical research site based on a Medical Office with an elite and experienced staff, our centers have a proven track record and the highest standard for quality of data.

Our staff includes:
- Three to five Full Time Principal Investigators of various Sub specialties
- Three Full Time study coordinators- CCRCs
- One full time Marketing Personnel (Bilingual Spanish)
- Dedicated Pharmacists
- On-site Laboratory Personnel and equipment
Our center is located within minutes from local hospitals/ER. We have access to various searchable databases and experience conducting clinical trials phase 1-4

Additional Facility Equipment includes:
- IV Infusion Pumps and Monitoring capacities
- Ambient Centrifuges
- (-) 20 degrees Freezers
- (-) 70 degree Freezers
- Crash Cart with rescue medications
- Oxygen Nasal Cannula, Rebreather Masks and NON-Rebreather Masks
- Calibrated ECG, BP, Height stadiometer and Weight Scales
- Pulmonary Function Test Capacity
- Echocardiogram
- Drug Screen Laboratory
- 24/7 Security Surveillance Camera and Isolated, Double-locked drug room with limited staff access

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