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MLS Research Center site is based on a Medical Office and has an extensive network in which we have the ability to partner with many other private practice physicians to augment recruitment of subjects. Additionally, we have a robust outreach program to further assist with recruitment of subjects. Our extensive industry experience enables us to offer our sponsors a quality research site with a trained and experienced clinical research team.

MLS Research is a state-of-the-art clinical research facility located in Miami, FL. Our equipments and capabilities include:

Ability to use a central IRB with a turn-around time of one week
Regulatory documents submission
Centrifuge (Ambient and Refrigerated)
Emphasis on investigator and coordinator training (GCP, CITI, NIH)
Patient Recruitment Program
Calibrated Blood Pressure Machines, Scales, Stadiometer
Trained Staff

All regulatory documents are completed within time matter, allowing for a quick turnaround. All case report data is entered 24-48 hours after patient visit has been completed. In addition, we frequently check all data systems on a daily basis, allowing for a fast turnaround of query resolution.

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